Leadership Team

Our leadership team is comprised of students who serve as role models for other students.  New Team members are selected by our existing Instructors and Leadership Team, and are then invited to complete the Introduction to Leadership Course.  Those people serving on the Team assist with various aspects of our school and can work towards acheiving their Instructor's Certificate.

Rachel Hamilton (Brown Belt)
Assistant Instructor
7 Years Experience

Rachel began her martial arts training in Philippine stick fighting.  She took a short break before she joined Warrior Martial Arts and has been training in Okinawa Karate and XMA for over 6 years.   Rachel likes how training challenges you in a good way! You also meet new interesting people who have the same goal of challenging the mind and body.

Martial arts training has made Rachel feel more confident when going anywhere. She feels like she is more in control with her emotions, and is a better person in the sense that she is more outgoing now.

Rachel’s goal through Leadership Team Training is to become a sensei one day, and be able to lead people better. She also wants to help make Warrior Martial Arts an even better place to train.

Outside of martial arts training, Rachel loves to read and ride horses.



Evan Van El (Brown Belt)
Student Leader
4 Years Experience









AMANDA_GALBRAITHAlex Galbraith (Green Belt)
Student Leader
3 Years Experience






Mairet AmaliaAmalia Mairet (Green Belt)
Student Leader
3 Years Experience


To Find out how you can become a Leadership Team member just email us at info@warriormartialarts.ca .