Cultivating Awareness™

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

"Mindfulness is about being fully awake in our lives. It is about perceiving the exquisite vividness of each moment..." Jon Kabat-Zinn, pioneer of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Our Cultivating Awareness™ - MBSR Course is your personal journey in the discovery of living in the moment. It helps promote the peace and balance within that will help carry you more calmly through your day, and will often improve certain medical challenges as well. It has been scientifically proven to help manage the symptoms of conditions such as Anxiety disorders, Asthma, Cancer, Depression, Heart disease, High blood pressure, Pain and Sleep problems and Stress.

Courses Available

Cultivating Awareness™ Classroom - An 8 week MBSR classroom style course.

Cultivating Awareness™ Online - An 8 week MBSR online course.

Course Outline

The course is taught over an 8-week period to help you bring what you learn into the routine of your everyday life. Over 8 weeks, we will cover the following topics:

Class 1: How attention changes the nature of our experience.
Class 2: Attention and the Brain. Introduction to the Bodyscan Meditation.
Class 3: Responding vs Reacting. Introduction to sitting Meditation.
Class 4: Mindfulness of Breath and Body in movement.
Class 5: Dealing with difficult emotions and sensations.
Class 6: Mindfulness and Communication.  Dealing with difficult people.
Class 7: Self-Compassion and bringing awareness to everyday life.
Class 8: Developing a Mindful practice of your own.

Classroom Course includes the Course Binder and Certificate of Completion.  Online course includes downloadable course materials.

Cultivating Awareness™ is for adults of all ages and walk of life. It will help reduce stress, improve relationships, help with parenting and can even make your work environment more bearable.

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