My Quiet Place™

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (for Kids and Teens)

"I think we all have the sense that society’s a little out of control. Education is a little out of control. We’re all looking for a way to change that. This is meaningful to almost everybody.” Megan Cowan, co-founder and executive director of programs at Mindful Schools in Oakland, California

It takes a village to raise a child. And nothing could be closer to the truth than in today’s challenging world. Positive mental well-being is recognized as a significant contributor to a healthy and fulfilling life. And children who have greater social-emotional health, experience greater overall success in life, and are more equipped to overcome life's many challenges. And yet, at this very moment in time, our education systems are not equipped to fulfill a child’s mental health needs as they arise. So how does one make sure that the village surrounding the child is addressing a child’s true needs? By making sure that the child is being built solidly from the inside out, so they can deal with life’s challenges more readily, and make sound choices during difficult times.

Our My Quiet Place™ mindfulness based stress reduction course for children, will introduce your child to the safe place inside them, that they can access anytime, and that will help them understand and feel better about themselves and others. Although still in initial stages, research with child and adolescent populations indicates that mindfulness approaches are a promising intervention for general improvements in healthy populations (concentration, academic abilities), and as part of the treatment for clinical issues (Anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Externalizing Behaviours).

Courses Currently Offered

My Quiet Place™ for Kids (Ages 7 to 11 and a parent)

My Quiet Place™ for Teens/Preteens (Ages 11 to 17)

Class Format

An initial 2 hour Parent orientation class followed by 8 weekly 1 hour classes for the participants.

PARENT ORIENTATION CLASS – A 2-Hour introduction to Mindfulness and My Quiet Place for the parents of the children taking part in the particular course session. Your support of your child in their journey, is as important as the journey itself.
CLASS 1 - Introduction to MQP and how it can be applied to everyday living.
CLASS 2 - Examining how our attention is typically in the past or future and exploring ways to make time for home practice.
CLASS 3 - Cultivating the capacity to observe one’s thoughts and feelings.
CLASS 4 - Examining thoughts and feelings associated with unpleasant experiences.
CLASS 5 - Examining how resistance or wanting things to be a certain way, or different, creates suffering. Developing the ability to be aware of feelings without resisting or acting on them.
CLASS 6 - Enhancing the capacity to observe thoughts and feelings and developing the ability to respond rather than to react.
CLASS 7 - Applying mindfulness during difficult communications. Imagining the world from someone else’s point of view.
CLASS 8 - Developing the capacity to send and receive love. Choosing if and how the individual will use mindfulness in their life.

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