30 Minute Warrior®

Over the last several years, researchers have slowly but surely reached the consensus that high intensity interval training, which is characterized by relatively short bursts of intense exercise followed by periods of rest, far outperforms conventional aerobic endurance type exercises” Dr. Mercola

group_4_smallWhat makes our Program Unique?

Over a 3 Year Period, our 30 Minute Warrior® has achieved outstanding results for our participants.   Here's a peek at the program results since January 2013:

  • Number 1 Reason for Enrolling - Improve Overall health
  • Demographics - 77% Women
  • Average Age - 41
  • Average 3.25% Body Fat reduction of all participants in the first 60 Days

Compare that with other programs in the industry!

Looking for Convenience?

Traditional exercise classes and workout routines require many hours of commitment each week while absence of woman_dumbell_laptop - Copyvariation and repetition makes it challenging to stay focused and motivated.

According to several independent surveys, the # 1 reason people why do not exercise regularly is lack of time. Today’s busy lifestyles demand a more streamlined fitness solution.

If you are one of those people that find it difficult to meet the commitment of workout routines, or keep up with the rigid schedules of exercise classes, the 30 Minute Warrior® may be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for!

About the Program

woman_bagThe 30 Minute Warrior® takes you through a 15 Station exercise circuit that targets your upper, lower and core muscle groups. It incorporates easy to follow exercises used by fitness buffs, kickboxers and mixed martial arts competitors. It is also supported by our cutting edge 30/30 Fueling System™.

The 30 Minute Warrior® routine has a number of levels that will help you meet every fitness challenge. It can be adjusted regularly to keep your fitness exercise program both interesting and challenging. 30 Minute Warriors never get bored!

So what are you waiting for? Call today AND let us show what 30 Minute Warrior® can do for you!