The Mindful Organization™

If You Are A Employer the Mindful Journey begins With You!

“Eighty-five percent of Canadian employers say stress is the number-one workplace issue. Disconnect between employers and employees on causes of stress could undermine efforts to address the problem.” Willis Towers Watson, June 29, 2016

Keeping employees happy, healthy and well, is at the top of every employer’s challenges today. And while conventional means appear to lack the ability to counter today’s workplace stress, many CEO’s are seeing the effects that Mindfulness training has, or will have on their bottom line. In fact, more than 22% of American employers currently offer Mindfulness training to their employees and through mindfulness, they are steering their companies back on course!

Whether it’s a large corporation, a small business, a school or even a family unit, all organizations big or small stand to gain from mindful practice. It starts at the top and works its way down. And knowing what an organization needs and how to implement it is our job.

At Warrior Martial Arts, our emphasis is on balancing the body’s energy system, and that includes embracing Mindfulness in all that we do. Here’s what we can do for you:


The Mindful Organization™ Group Talks – One-hour talks designed to introduce your team to Mindfulness, its benefits, and how it can foster change in the workplace.

The Mindful Organization™ Implementation - A complete workplace mindfulness implementation system to help organizations embrace mindful awareness from the top down. We provide the tools an organization needs to assess their own requirements, build a business case to justify mindful implementation, and help the organization determine what to implement and when.

The Mindful Organization™ Coaching – Continued support to your organization’s Chief Mindfulness Officer.


The Mindful Leader™ (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course) – An 8-week one-on-one, for business leaders. The Mindful Leader™ not only improves a leader’s ability to function at an optimal level. It allows for transformation of the entire organization that the leader is responsible for.

Cultivating Awareness™ (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course) - An 8-week classroom course to help participants develop their own mindful practice. Mindfulness practice has been scientifically proven to help manage the symptoms of conditions such as Anxiety disorders, Asthma, Cancer, Depression, Heart disease, High blood pressure, Pain and Sleep problems and Stress.

Cultivating Awareness™ Online (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course) - An 8-week online version of the above course.

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